"What must always be remembered is that myth is a double system; there occurs in it a sort of ubiquity: its point of departure is constituted by the arrival of a meaning. To keep a spatial metaphor, the approximative character of which I have already stressed. I shall say that the signification of the myth is constituted by a sort of constantly moving turnstile which presents alternately the meaning of the signifier and its form, a language-object and a metalanguage, a purely signifying and a purely imagining consciousness. This alternation is, so to speak, gathered up in the concept, which uses it like an ambiguous signifier, at once intellective and imaginary, arbitrary and natural."


From "Myth Today",  Roland Barthes 




很少在這裡分享遊玩的點滴,每一次出遊總是有太多複雜的情緒與故事。這次把阿姆斯特丹的片段放上來,一方面旅程雖短但高潮迭起,在看見新的城市與人的同時也總是更深刻地觸碰自己。一方面也紀念藤同學在荷蘭的五年。這個七月過得好幸福,不管是台灣還是倫敦的朋友,都給我好多溫暖和動力。也帶我不斷實現活著的姿態。He said you're so posh. Another He said you're such a hippie. Life is full of possibilities and I will always live the most of it. No Regrets and Arms Open.










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